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You can trust our safe and secure payment system, and both Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

You do have the option of paying cash, which will need to be paid at the time of delivery of your order. However, due to the costs of handling cash this will incur a cash handling fee at the time of checkout.


We deliver goods to seafarers as part of our vision of caring for seafarers and we therefore do not charge for delivery.

For airtime that is purchased using credit card, any size order can be processed. For other goods, we are not able to accept an order of less than US$10 in total. Helpful tip: If you are requiring small items we recommend that you combine the order with other crew on board your ship.

Once your order has been placed on the system we will be on contact with you via WhatsApp to arrange for delivery when your ship is in the Port of Durban.

Airtime can be delivered to your cellphone if you pay by credit card. Physical goods will be delivered to the gangplank of your ship by Durban Seafarers Mission staff working in partnership with the Durban Port Chaplains.

Operating Hours

Orders may be placed on our system 24/7. Deliveries are made on weekdays between 9am and 12pm South Africa Standard Time. Special arrangements may be made in cases of particular need.

Need Help?

While we will do our very best to fulfil your order, there could be practical difficulties such as your ship coming into port for a very short time outside of our regular operating hours. Should there be a problem we undertake to refund an amounts paid directly to your credit card.

Need help? Contact us via Whatsapp ((+27) 83 123 1234) or Telephone ((+27) 83 123 1234)